Low Back Quick Fix Tips - Low Back Pain & What To Do About It

Each day I get up and get ready for a day filled with patient questions, questions that pertain to their pain or reason for their ailments.  My goal is to always educate them on the exact cause of their issue but time and time again I find it’s never just one thing.  This weekend I concluded that there are always 3 causes or potential causes of pain. For simplicity, let us say it’s the “rule of 3”.

There are always 3 causes. 

There are always 3 ways to fix each cause. 

There are always 3 things you should ask yourself everyday.

Low back pain usually starts with some sort of injury mechanism, whether it’s a specific injury or from an unknown cause 
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that slowly creeps up on you.  When you sustain an injury the tissue that is damaged, strained, or sprained needs to heal but when the injury happens it leaves a weakness in that area.  If your mechanics aren’t ideal and you do not practice proper low back and core stabilizing techniques odds of you reinjuring it again sky rocket.  If your low back pain just crept up on you out of the blue and you have good days and bad days, maybe some real bad days, the issue is your movement program, the way you subconsciously stabilize your back while participating in any movement.  Either injury mechanism is a problem with your biomechanics; ‘the mechanical principles of humans, particularly their movement and their structure’.


While injury mechanisms are one of the most recognized causes of low back pain, there are two more, lesser addressed issues going on. I will briefly touch on all 3 causes of low back pain here, but for more in depth understanding of why you may have back pain and how to fix it download my free guide below.

  1. Mechanics

Listen, I don’t care if you work out 3 times a day or none, the issue is a non-ideal movement pattern and your body’s ability (or inability) to stabilize your low back during exercise and any other movement at work or home or even when lifting your child.  Don’t get me wrong you must exercise but the problem is in your movement patterns; the way your body is moving is making your spine and the muscles work too hard and it is hurting/damaging it.

  1. Internal Inflammation

We have a lot of life stressors, toxins, foods, bugs, and hormone issues that we must overcome in our current environment.  It’s hard to achieve clarity on what you should do to optimize your health.  Everyday there is an article that comes out telling you something is bad. Pesticides in our food, bad fat or good fat, sugar is the new cigarette, what does gluten mean?  The answer is and always will be: It depends on the individual.  Striving for peak vitality can be easy but you must find the right health care professional to help get you there.  However, if you’re eating like crap, not getting sleep, and not exercising, odds are you have 3 things to work on right away. 

  1. Emotional Baggage

Stress! As an American you have been programmed to work so hard you rely on 8 shots of espresso to get you through your day.  Look amazingly beautiful like all the models and actors on TV or the magazines.  We demand a sexual IQ of genius and words of persuasion that fly off our tongue like any James Bond scene when he lands the girl.  Oh, and don’t forget to overcome all of life’s obstacles with joy and laughter while being perfect.  No worries!   How can you even function at the end of the day if you are trying to keep up with the social demands of our society?  Well let’s be honest with each other, we all care about these things to some degree and that is what’s causing you to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders…Which is supported by your low back, mind you.  It is virtually impossible to attain all of what society classifies as ‘perfect attributes’, but we need to care less about the things that don’t matter and the material things and focus on the important stuff. 

Now I want you to ask yourself and answer honestly can you improve on any of these facets.

  • Are you moving right?
  • Are you eating right?
  • Are you thinking right? 

Did you say "no" to any of these?  If you did you need my ‘Low Back Quick Fix Tips’ guide.  In this guide I will show you 3 exercises to help with low back pain, 3 ways to eat better and 3 ways to help you think right.  Click below to get your guide now.

 Yes, Take Me There!